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Saira Khan knocked out of The Apprentice on ratings high
5th May, 2005

BBC2's reality show The Apprentice ended on a ratings high last night with an estimated audience of 3.6 million viewers.

16% of the TV viewing audience, nearly double the usual share, saw ex-tube worker Tim Campbell beat saleswoman Saira Khan (pictured) to win Sir Alan Sugar's approval. He will be rewarded with a £100,000 a year job with the business tycoon.

The series involved a team of enthusiastic wannabe business executives vying for a position with Sir Sugar after facing a process of elimination. After a series of tasks set to all contestants, the Amstrad chief would get rid of one with the words: "You're fired."

Gautam Malkani, media correspondent at the Financial Times says a number of factors helped the ratings: "The proliferation of reality TV shows have resulted in so many copycat programmes with D-list celebrities that audiences are getting sick and tired of them.

"The Apprentice was a different type of programme and therefore appealed to a very different type of audience from your typical reality show - comprising of a large number of ABC1 viewers."
The Apprentice was based on an American reality show of the same name with property magnate Donald Trump heading it. It was also a ratings winner.

It has been a high-profile success story for the BBC2 year, and last week it announced that a second series with Sir Alan Suagr once again had been commissioned.

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