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BBC in 'scandal' over reviving Jade Goody's career
4th May, 2007

The BBC is set to stoke up the Big Brother racism row again by helping Jade Goody make her television comeback.

The disgraced celebrity attracted intense criticism for her antics on the Channel 4's reality show earlier this year.

The incident led to a sharp fall in her fortunes with television shows and endorsement contracts being dropped.

But BBC 1 executives have given prospects of rehabilitating her career a boost by inviting her on to a new reality television show called 'You Can't Fire Me, I'm Famous'.

She will be interviewed by former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan and talk about her part in the row.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Jade was beginning to think her bad luck would never end. But getting on this show will do her good. It's her chance to tell her side of the story - without anyone telling her how to say it or what her 'media strategy' should be."

It will be the 25 year-old Jade's first TV job since the controversial row.

She was recently seen touring India on a trip widely seen as an attempt to salvage her career.

A source at the BBC told AIM magazine: "It's a scandal isn't it? We are supposed to be a public broadcaster and yet our own executives are trying to save the careers of people like Jade Goody. Makes you wonder whether they've got their priorities in the right place."

"Also makes you think whether they care for how angry people got over seeing Shilpa [Shetty] being abused like that on television. What kind of message are they giving out?"

Jade Goody was voted as the celebrity with the worst voice earlier this week.

Channel 4 was also criticised earlier this week for avoiding any mention of the racism row in its Annual Report.

A regulatory source told the Daily Mirror: "They didn't see fit to mention they are at the centre of a very serious investigation. It's astonishing."

The results of an Ofcom investigation into the row will be published later this month.

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