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Mihir Bose becomes BBC's sports editor
24th October, 2006

The Daily Telegraph's sports columnist Mihir Bose has been proached by the BBC, it was announced last week, though it has been marred by controversy.

Bose will take over as the corporation's first sports editor and report on breaking sports stories. In this position he sits alongside others such as political editor Nick Robinson and business editor Robert Preston.

Born in India before moving to England to pursue higher studies, he started his journalistic career at LBC before joining the Sunday Times.

After a few years in business journalism he moved to specialise in investigative sports reporting and moved to the Daily Telegraph in 1995. There he started the Inside Sports column.

He said: "I've had 12 very happy years with the Telegraph, and will miss working with some of the finest print journalists there is."

"I was brought up on the magical BBC World Service, and believe that the BBC is the greatest broadcaster there is. It's a wonderful challenge and I can't wait to start," he added.

"This is a terrific appointment for us," said the BBC's head of newsgathering, Fran Unsworth.

"Mihir brings an encyclopaedic knowledge of sport, together with an unbridled passion for the subject. Add to that, his ability to explain the most complex of stories and a fantastic catalogue of contacts."

However the appointment has come under attack by the National Union of Journalists. It has written to the BBC, the Media Guardian reported, querying the decision to bring in someone from outside when BBC News is facing job cuts.

Mihir Bose has written 22 books on a range of subjects, including A History of Indian Cricket and Manchester Disunited.

Bose's appointment comes hot on the heels of the corporation appointing Manish Bhasin and Rishi Persad as the faces of its cricket coverage.

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