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Media Bandar's Weekly Diary
14th June, 2004

Not just girls in nice suits...
There's always something going on in the Asian fashion industry. If it ain't a new magazine being started then there's rumours of people being fired, editors being sacked, lavish launch parties with beautiful models (standing around trying to look pretty)... and last but not least constant complaints on why all those girls featured in Asian fashion magazines look white. Mmmmm... girls.... *cue Homer style drooling*

Bandar's been hearing through the grapevine a lot that AFM fashion magazine has been sold. To who? Bandar doesn't yet know. To those in the know this probably ain't a shock. While rumours have been flying around for a while... it is probably easier to draw blood from stone than get any word from what those lot in Birmingham are up to.

Apart from the Jewel award... which they host every year... Bandar hardly sees them anywhere. The next one should be in July in London but there is a slight feeling that it might not happen. Now that Khalid Darr (Editor in chief) has almost certainly sold off the title who'll be looking after it? Stay tuned...

While we're on the subject, it might also interest readers of Bandar's column that there are strong rumours that Occasions magazine (errr... yeah apparently it is still alive!) has got a new Editor and a brand new team. Long overdue Bandar might say... the magazine has been around for quite a few years but clearly wasn't pulling any punches against the might of Asian Woman and Asiana. And the models weren't that fit. Which is quite clearly Bandar's main criteria.

Piggy in the middle
With this little turf war over the Asian Music Awards, Bandar feels a little bit sorry for those who have to work in the industry - caught between a rock and a hard place. You've got tons of promoters on one side and the proper awards organisers on the other.

The agency doing PR for the UK AMA people is Ethnic Streets. Ethnic Streets is Media Mogul's sister agency with plans to crack the urban music market. Which begs the question why Raj from Media Moguls is getting involved in a turf war like this when everyone knows this whole episode's only going to piss everyone in music off.

Also interesting is that FNIK is supporting the Brasian camp. Readers might also remember that Pedro from FNIK used to previously be partners at Media Moguls.... now managing Rishi Rich Project. With Brasian apparently looking after Raghav's PR, no prizes for guessing which event these lot will be supporting. But what about conflict of interest? Hmmm...

Cringe TV
The TV critics of Fleet Street might be loving it but Bollywood Star isn't getting much appreciation from closer to home according to emails Bandar's been receiving. Watching the first two episodes after all the hype Bandar ain't really surprised at the criticism of the judges. Did you look at those people they let through? And Bandar reckons instead of watching Simon Cowell Bally Sagoo should have been studying Anne Robinson for the cusses. Far better.

Not surprisingly though, Bandar's favourite columnist Asjad Nazir from Eastern Eye has been on the case... explaining why...errr... it's not authentic. Yet again. And again. Bandar quotes: "Channel Four's Bollywood Star does little justice to a great film industry". And: "Hopefully this fake reality doesn't do too much damage to Indian Cinema because it deserves better".

Huh? Is there something Bandar's not missing? What does Indian cinema deserve? Bandar hopes we are talking about the same industry where there's scores of really bad actors and actresses given parts because either they've just won some modelling contest or their papa knows someone. They same industry where corruption, money laundering and mob mentality is rife. Where top actors regularly get arrested for shooting or running someone over. Where everyone has to sell their soul to succeed.

Bandar reckons all that picture taking with the stars has put these showbiz editors into a different 'reality' of their own. It's just entertainment people. Get. Over. It. Bollywood isn't some sacred cow that needs defending.

More Asian TV galore!
Word on the (media) street also has it the BBC's Asian Programmes Unit's got a few more commissions up its sleeves that its not telling anyone about. Is Desi DNA coming back for a second series? Apparently the decision on that will come very soon since BBC2 have their Controller sorted. The Unit though still has regular commissioning rounds... and Pakistani Night isn't the only one in the bag. C'mon Mr Nagra, don't be shy!

Media Bandar's Diary is a concept based on the Media Guardian Monkey. The views express by Bandar may not necessarily agree with those of Asians in Media.

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