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Poorna leaves Asiana for thelondonpaper
3rd November, 2006

Asiana magazine editor Poorna Shetty is leaving the magazine to work on a national paper, AIM magazine can reveal today.

She will still be associated with the fashion magazine in some capacity, the Asiana magazine team stress, but it is not yet clear how.

Poorna (pictured) is soon to start shift work at the morning daily thelondonpaper.

Her first byline appeared in the paper last week on Thursday. But it was a feature she had worked on earlier; she starts at the daily on 20th November.

The 25 year old writer started her journalistic career at Sarwar Ahmed's now defunct weekly entertainment tabloid Asian Xpress. Sarwar went on to start Asiana and brought Poorna with him.

In February last year she was made editor of the quarterly fashion magazine.

She told AIM magazine today: "To say I've had a fantastic time at Asiana doesn't even come close, but I've felt that now is the right time to give my other projects and commitments - one of them involving work at thelondonpaper - my full attention.

"Being there right from the magazine's conception has been a privilege and I'll miss working there terribly, but I am sure Asiana will go from strength to strength, as it has always done."

At thelondonpaper she will be working on features. Though her status is still unclear. She added, "there will be other work I'll be doing too."

Asiana magazine did not comment at the time of publication.

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