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Meera Syal joins Blair, Rowling and others for homeless fundraiser
27th November, 2004

Actress and writer Meera Syal has joined the likes of Prime Minister Tony Blair, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and actor Stephen Fry to take part in The Big Issue Foundation's awareness-raising campaign. The project hopes to raise funds for the foundation, supporting services to Big Issue vendors and homeless people.

Each celebrity and politician taking part in the 'What's Your Big Issue' campaign signs specially designed t-shirts that highlight the issue that is most important to them. Their 'Big Issue' so to speak. The t-shirts will then be sold on the website Ebay to raise funds for the Big Issue Foundation.

The Big Issue Foundation, a charity, provides support services to Big Issue vendors and other homeless people, offering housing advice and developing their confidence by helping them access training courses and enabling them to return to work.

The unique auction will run from 9am Monday 29th November to 5pm Friday 3rd December 2004 and will include the personalised T-shirts.

The campaign is also being supported music collective Fun-Da-Mental, actress Emma Thompson, musician Billy Bragg, players from Liverpool Football Club, manager Kevin Keegan, Ringo Starr, the cast of Eastenders, Liberal Democrats leader Charles Kennedy and director Ken Loach.

Anyone interested in taking part or bidding to help the Big Issue Foundation should visit this page on Ebay starting Monday 29th.

Media contact: Patrick Lisoire 020 7526 3388 /

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